Marcelo dos Reis 

He's one proeminent voice in the new generation of european improvisers. All his work have been widely acclaimed, and beside all the achievements, was nominated one of the best five guitar players at the El Intruso - 8th and 9th Annual International Critics Poll.

His idiossincratic approach to the guitar, puts him as one of the key figures of the portuguese improvised music scene.

He works in groups like Pedra Contida, Open Field, Staub Quartet, In Layers, in duo with Eve Risser and Luís Vicente, Chamber 4 and Fail Better!, this last two were considered two of the best newcomer bands in the last years.

Beside his projects he worked and shared the stage with dozens of musicians, such as : Burton Greene, Elliott Sharp, Burkhard Beins, Liz Allbee, Evan Parker, Carlos "Zíngaro", Toshimaru Nakamura, Andrea Neumann, Théo Ceccaldi, Werner Dafeldecker among many others.

Apart from work as musician, Marcelo organises the Double Bill - Concert Series, and runs the record label Cipsela.


Fail Better! - Zero Sum (JACC Records, 2014)

Pedra Contida - Xisto (JACC Records, 2014)

Open Field + Burton Greene - Flower Stalk (Cipsela Records, 2015) 

Chamber 4 (FMR Records, 2015)

Marcelo dos Reis / Angélica V. Salvi - Concentric Rinds (Cipsela Records, 2015)

Fail Better! - Owt (NoBusiness Records, 2016)

In Layers (FMR Records, 2016)

Staub Quartet - House Full of Colors (JACC Records, 2017)

Chamber 4 - City of Light (Clean Feed Records, 2017)

Pedra Contida - Amethyst (FMR Records, 2017)

Marcelo dos Reis / Eve Risser - Timeless (JACC Records, 2017)

Marcelo dos Reis - Cascas (Cipsela Records, 2017)

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