Daniel Levin / Rob Brown - Divergent Paths

Daniel Levin - cello
Rob Brown - alto saxophone

1 - Mutuality
2 - Dialogue
3 - Match Point

Recorded live by Marcelo dos Reis at Salao Brazil on 18th November 2012.
Mixed and mastered by Marcelo dos Reis.
Design and artwork by KSá.
Executive production by Cipsela Records.
Special thanks to Jeanine and Jo.
All compositions by Rob Brown, Self-Propelled Music (BMI) and Daniel Levin, Black Bear Industries Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP).
Cipsela 2015.


Limited edition of 300 copies.


Many years of working together in a variety of settings have enabled Brown and Levin to develop a unique and dynamic set of improvisatory approaches to the duo format. Both musicians have played supporting roles in each others projects, and are able to both fully inhabit and simultaneously circumvent the expectations of melody and accompaniment. 

Drawing on a staggering collective palette of textures, timbres, gestures, and sheer technical virtuosity, Brown and Levin create music that is astonishingly engaging, original, and exciting. Their unique language and rapport was already evident on the duos first record, "Natural Disorder" (Not Two, 2011). Now, on Divergent Paths, we find that the intimacy, clarity, conviction, and depth of their conversation has greatly developed, producing a thrilling experience for the listener. 

Here we have a document of a very special Sunday afternoon performance at Salão Brazil in Coimbra, Portugal. In fact, the duo was not initially scheduled to play in the afternoon at all, but at night, two days prior  instead, they were stuck in Poznan, Poland, having been booked on a flight that apparently no longer existed, according to the airline. A new itinerary was improvised, which resulted in this happy ending. 

Traveling on Divergent Paths, in the end, everything connects.

Cipsela, 2015.

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